The Blueprint Report is the first and only comprehensive needs assessment of women and girls in Chester County. Based on data collected, it underscores the long-term effects of the economic recession on the health, safety, and financial security of women and girls. The Blueprint Report brings the issues and trends to the foreground and informs our conversations and planning. Together, we can take on big challenges and direct our resources to tackle critical needs affecting women, girls, and their families. The Blueprint Report is a tool for everyone who lives in, works in, and loves Chester County!

2016 Blueprint Report - All Pages 2016 Blueprint Report: Summary

Employment and Earnings Work and Family Poverty and Opportunity Reproductive Rights Health and Well-Being Violence and Safety Political Participation

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2010 Blueprint

2010 Blueprint Report - All Pages 2010 Blueprint Report: Summary


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VISTA 2025 is a Chester County public-private partnership effort that is focused on creating and implementing an economic development strategy for the county. Its fundamental premise is that progress and preservation are complementary elements of a strategy that will support economic health while maintaining the “sense of place” that makes Chester County so attractive to residents and businesses.

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