March is Women’s History Month.
This year the Fund asks you to consider women who have made history in your own life.

While the Fund celebrates women throughout the year it is in solidarity that we recognize the words of Gloria Steinem, “Women have always been an equal part of the past.  We just haven’t been part of history.”  This has been somewhat obvious over time.  After all, when a woman is in a history book I have to cringe when her gender is made more important than her accomplishments.  Women have been very capable for a very long time…  Some capable women become famous and many capable women live out their lives with very little recognition.

“Women have always been an equal part of the past.  We just haven’t been part of history.”

There are so many women who have influenced my life.  There are the women who spring to mind right away – my mother for her faith in me, and my grandmother for her love, but there are less obvious candidates as well.  My English teacher who showed me that literature was magic and art and language all interwoven together.  She shaped my future in ways that she could never have known.  My best friend, Anne, who always took the time to listen to everyone’s story.  Anne was devoted to her children and driven in her work.  For all of you who have the privilege of true friendship in your life you know what it is like to have the “one” person who will understand what you are thinking even if you are not saying a word.  She was my person.  She died a year ago at the age of 45 after a valiant battle with breast cancer.  I am so grateful that she is part of my history.

All of us have women who have shaped us.  I’m guessing that you are thinking of them right now.  Take the time to recognize or remember them in some way.  Our past shapes our future.  Who made you whom you are today?


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