29434816342_b8890239be_bNo matter where you may be on the political spectrum, it is clear that the election results raised serious questions about how far we have actually come and what lies ahead of us.  In the pursuit of explanations and solutions, the Chester County Fund for Women and Girls reaffirms our guiding principles of equality, inclusion, community, and strength.

There is much to be done, and CCFWG will continue to be an advocate for Chester County’s women and girls. We will continue to bring together organizations, elected officials, and community members to address gender equity in our communities. Through our grantmaking, we will also continue to invest in non-profits effectively meeting the needs of women and girls.

Now more than ever, CCFWG’s mission is incredibly important. We hope this last week renewed your commitment to it as it has for us. It will take all of us together to continue towards progress.


With hope and determination,


Michelle Legaspi Sanchez, Executive Director

Mary Lou Sterge, Board Chair 

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