The health and well-being of women and girls is central to our mission, but we can’t do it alone. If you want to actively make a difference in the lives of your neighbors in Chester County, we have many volunteer opportunities for you to get involved:

CCFWG Committees

Grants Policy Committee
The Grants Policy Committee, under the direction of the Board of Directors, serves to set grants policies and guidelines, and oversees the grants programs including the Grants Allocation Committee and the Girls Advisory Board.
Grants Allocation Committee
The Grants Allocation Committee is an excellent point of entry for new volunteers wishing to gain an in-depth understanding of needs within the county and who are willing to commit substantial time to their volunteer efforts. CCFWG’s grant-making program is unique in that decisions are made a group of diverse individuals connected to Chester County. Since most participants serving on this 18-20 person committee are new to the work of CCFWG, they receive training for evaluating proposals and participating on site visits. After thoughtful consideration, the informed group then makes their decisions by consensus. Granting decisions differ every year. However, the recurring critical needs addressed include safe housing, job training, pre-natal health and infant care, domestic violence, food security, and education among others. A complete listing of CCFWG grantees is on our website In 2015, the Chester County Fund for Women and Girls reached an important milestone when we awarded $255,000 in grants to 25 agencies in communities across Chester County. To participate on the Grants Allocation Committee, members must attend six, two-hour evening meetings and at least two agency site visits between February and April. The experience of participating on the Grants Allocation Committee has been described as “life changing.” To participate on this committee, contact Michelle Legaspi Sanchez, Executive Director:
Girls Advisory Board

CCFWG’s Girls Advisory Board program (GAB), begun in 2005 has empowered high school girls in Chester County to distribute nearly $200,000 to programs for improving the lives of other young women. The in-depth and life-changing experiences of our high-school age participants are remarkable. As they engage in strategic grantmaking, they emerge from their shells to learn about needs affecting others. They learn to express their opinions, respectfully debate, build consensus, and make decisions. As a result of this intensive program, they build a life-long network of women helping women, and nearly all resolve to engage in life-long service. Enrollment begins in May with planning activities taking place during the summer. Adult volunteers make up the Girls Advisory Board Committee and help plan and support GAB activities such as conducting interviews, attending site visits with the girls, hosting meetings and providing food. The program itself runs from September –December. To learn more about GAB, one of only 11 programs like it in the country, visit
Development Committee
CCFWG’s Development Committee works to increase and diversify funding from individuals, foundations, corporations, and events for our grantmaking, education programs, operations, and endowed funds. Its goal is to provide continued growth and financial stability for CCFWG’s work, while remaining true to CCFWG’s values and approach to relationship building. The committee is under the direction of the Board of Directors. The committee meets July, Sept., Nov., Jan., March, and May on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 9 AM. Most, but not all on this committee have previous volunteer experience with CCFWG. Volunteers on this committee are encouraged to find their own area of focus and participate on 1-2 subcommittees. All members serve as ambassadors for CCFWG in the larger community and support development activities such as assistance with appeals, note writing, making thank you calls, and helping with the spring luncheon.To participate on this committee, contact Michelle Legaspi Sanchez, Executive Director:
Making a Difference Luncheon Committee
The Making a Difference Luncheon Committee helps plan and implement CCFWG’s signature fundraising event that takes place each spring and attracts a sold-out crowd of more than 300 business friends, generous individuals, and community leaders. Beginning in the late fall, volunteers on this committee help with invitations, raffle and silent auction planning, décor, and sponsorship acquisition. There are also many roles to fill on the day of this event. With fewer physical meetings, this committee has a more flexible time commitment and is a fun opportunity to meet other interesting women working to build resources for CCFWG. Proceeds for the event fuel CCFWG’s robust grantmaking program. Be a part of the excitement and join with us to make a difference! Contact Michelle Legaspi Sanchez, Executive Director:
Education Committee
The goal of the Education Committee is to raise awareness of issues impacting women and girls by providing programming and information to individuals and non-profits in the community. Various events — ranging from movie screenings to presentations with expert panelists are aimed to get Chester County residents talking about serious issues in our community including psychological disorders, sexual and domestic violence, career/family balance, health, and education issues. Members discuss and plan events and partnerships with local organizations to give voice to the needs of women and girls in the county. Participants who are well versed in programming, marketing, and partnerships are ideal candidates. Contact Michelle Legaspi Sanchez, Executive Director:
Finance Committee
The Finance Committee serves as a major resource to the Board of Directors on financial matters of CCFWG. They ensure the assets of CCFWG are managed in accordance with approved policies. This committee, made up of 8-10 members, is responsible for reviewing financial statements and budgets prepared by the Executive Director, Office Manager, and financial consultants. They must review the annual budget prepared by staff and recommend approval to the Board of Directors. They work with the staff to ensure that strong financial internal controls exist for the organization. The committee is also responsible for overseeing and reviewing the annual audit prior to it being submitted to the Board of Directors. Participants on the Finance Committee are asked to attend four meetings each year, as the committee meets quarterly.
Investment Committee
The Investment Committee serves as a resource to the Board of Directors on investment/endowment matters of CCFWG. They ensure that the investments of CCFWG are managed in accordance with approved policies. This committee is responsible for reviewing investment summaries prepared by the endowment fund manager. Participants on the Finance Committee are asked to attend four morning meetings each year, as the committee meets quarterly. The Investment Committee is open to new volunteers wanting to help ensure the long-term financial stability of CCFWG.
Governance Committee
The Governance Committee provides oversight for the recruitment and effective performance of the Board of Directors and the development of committees. Members are given the task of analyzing the current Board of Directors and committee profiles. The committee identifies areas of strength and weakness and considers technical skills and personal talents needed to complement Board diversity. They maintain a continuous list of potential Board and committee members, and prepare a slate of candidates for nomination. Additional roles of the Governance Committee include assuring an orientation process for new Board members, as well as ensuring annual Board performance evaluations.

To learn more about fulfilling and meaningful volunteer opportunities with CCFWG, contact us!