We are busy. Time and time again we hear how over scheduled our lives have become. Between family and work there is very little time left. Effective time management is at a premium. At the end of the day we hope all of our efforts make a positive difference for society, our families, and for ourselves. While in the flurry of our activities we often hear two sayings: “change is inevitable” and “the more things change the more they stay the same”. Both no doubt ring true. Both give us pause to think. How can we justify the two? If our circumstances change but we cannot are we on a hamster wheel that keeps us in perpetual motion without advancing us forward? Is our time being well spent?


The Fund has been busy. We have adopted a new grants policy, are in the midst of our 12th Girls Advisory Board (GAB) program, are developing a gender norms curriculum, engineering a new Blueprint report, updating our office infrastructure and today we are proud to introduce our new look. Our logo and website reflect our desire to be clear and strong in advancing our mission to lead and unite the community in philanthropy and advocacy to ensure that women and girls have resources and opportunities to thrive. The vision to make our community better by empowering women and girls has not changed, nor will it ever. Stay tuned as new data and programming is released. Our look has changed but not our purpose. Yes, change is inevitable as we build upon a solid foundation, but rest assured the Fund is forever committed to advancing women and girls in order to make Chester County a better place for all.

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