Blueprint Report

The Blueprint Report is the first and only comprehensive needs assessment of women and girls in Chester County. Based on data collected before and within the last two years, it underscores the long-term effects of the recent economic recession on the health, safety, and financial security of women and girls. The Blueprint Report brings the issues and trends to the foreground and informs our conversations and planning. Together, we can take on big challenges and direct our resources to tackle critical needs affecting women, girls, and their families. The Blueprint Report is a tool for everyone who lives in, works in, and loves Chester County!
In order to accurately capture the life experiences and needs of women and girls in Chester County, the research team reviewed more than 80 regional and national data sources, filtering the information for the first time through a gender lens. The results contain data and analysis that is new or never-before-accessible to the general public. Chester, Bucks, Delaware and Montgomery County comparisons are provided where available, enabling us to identify Chester County’s unique strengths and challenges. The full report also includes extensive commentary from nonprofit agencies collected during our eight “Listening Tour” stops. Their voices provide on-the-ground insights into current and emerging trends. Findings from the report maintain strong relevance as agencies report continuation of the trends highlighted.