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 Know Before You Go

 (West Chester) October 25, 2016 — The Chester County Fund for Women and Girls hosted a nonpartisan panel discussion on key issues for women in this campaign season on Thursday, October 13th. With suburban Philadelphia being recognized as a battleground this election, the event focused on tpanel-4he issues female voters are considering.

Fifty people joined the Chester County Fund for Women and Girls at the Chester County Chamber of Business and Industry for this unprecedented discussion.

Barbara McIlvaine Smith, former member of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives moderated the panel discussion that focused on 1) engagement and representation of women in politics, 2) violence against women and girls, 3) equal pay, and 4) women’s health. Panelists included women who are leaders in their field and have either held office or have been active in the political process:

Susan Carty, League of Women Voters President

Beverly Mackereth, Senior Government Relations Specialist

Carole Rubley, Independent Environmental Services Professional

Kathy Boockvar, Executive Director of Lifecycle WomanCare

Dr. Dorothy McLane, Pennsylvania State President of AAUW

Though the panelists represented a wide range of opinions on the issues, common themes emerged from the collegial discussion. Most notably, the panelists were in complete agreement that women’s voices are incredibly critical at every level of the democratic process – whether as an elected official, an informed voter, or an advocate of issues for which you feel passionate.

Attendees applauded the exceptional group of women, “The panel was outstanding. This was a group of highly accomplished and articulate womenThe event left attendees feeling “empowered to do get involved to help some of the causes the women represented.”

 The Chester County Fund for Women and Girls leads and unites the community through philanthropy and advocacy to ensure that women and girls have resources and opportunities to thrive. For more than 18 years, the Fund has raised awareness about the critical needs of women and girls, and has awarded over $2.6 million to 69 non-profit organizations. To learn more about the Chester County Fund for Women and Girls, visit

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